HC Deb 24 February 1936 vol 309 cc203-7

Motion made, and Question proposed, That a Supplementary sum, not exceeding £1,350,000, be granted to His Majesty, to defray the charge which will come in course of payment during the year ending on the 31st day of March, 1936, for expenditure beyond the sum already provided in the grants for Army Services for the year, including expenditure consequent upon the special measures taken in connection with the Italo-Abyssinian dispute.

12.3 a.m.

The SECRETARY of STATE for WAR (Mr. Duff Cooper)

This Estimate is under three heads: first, for additional pay which was necessitated by the restoration of the cuts imposed in last year's Budget; secondly, for the amount of money that has been spent owing to the emergency in the Mediterranean, the greater portion of which was for travelling expenses; and the third is in connection with the sum which the Sultan of Johore generously contributed towards the defence of the Empire, a very small- fraction of which we are glad to be able to expend this year on hastening the defences of Singapore. There is another Estimate which will shortly follow for the ordnance factories which has been necessitated by the same cause—the emergency.


I beg to move, to reduce the Vote by£100.

When we come to the Report stage there are more questions that we shall have to ask. I can assure the right hon. Gentleman that there is much more in it than he has conveyed to the House.


I should like to ask a question with regard to Vote 2 (d), Grants to County Associations for the Territorial Army. There is a decrease of £21,000. I was wondering if my right hon. Friend could explain whether this is due to a drop in the numbers of that force or whether the.-e is any reduction in the grant to territorial associations. The Territorial Army has been starved for the last few years. Year after year we have seen items cut down. I should like to have an assurance that this is not due to any economy of that description.


I can give my hon. and gallant Friend that assurance. He knows as well as I do that the numbers of the Territorial Army have decreased during the past year. We deplore it as much as he does. I hope to do something in the coming year to put it right.

Question put,"That a sum, not exceeding £1,349,900, be granted for the said Service."

The Committee divided: Ayes, 88; Noes, 268.

Division No. 55.] AYES. [12.10 a.m.
Adams, D. (Consett) Gardner, B. W. Messer, F.
Adamson, W. M. Garro-Jones, G. M. Milner, Major J.
Alexander, Rt. Hon. A. V. (H'lsbr.) Green, W. H. (Deptford) Montague, F.
Amman, C. G. Greenwood, Rt. Hon. A. Muff, G.
Anderson, F. (Whitehaven) Hall, G. H. (Aberdare) Oliver, G. H.
Attlee, Rt. Hon. C. R. Hall, J. H. (Whitechapel) Paling, W.
Banfield, J. W. Hardie, G. D. Parker, H. J. H,
Barnes, A. J. Henderson, A. (Kingswinford) Pethick-Lawrence, F. W.
Bellenger, F Henderson, J. (Ardwick) Potts, J.
Benson, G. Henderson, T. (Tradeston) Pritt, D. N.
Bevan, A. Hicks, E. G. Ritson, J.
Broad, F. A. Holland, A. Roberts, Rt. Hon. F. O. (W. Brom.)
Bromfield, W. Hopkln, D. Robinson, W. A. (St. Helens)
Brown, C. (Mansfield) Jagger, J. Rowson, G.
Buchanan, G. Jenkins, A. (Pontypool) Sexton, T. M.
Burke, W. A. Jones, A. C. (Shipley) Silverman, S. S.
Cape, T. Kelly, W. T. Simpson, F. B.
Charleton, H. C. Kirby, B. V. Smith, Ben (Rotfierhithe)
Cove, W. G. Lawson, J, J, Smith, E. (Stoke)
Cripps, Hon. Sir Stafford Leonard, W. Smith, T. (Normanton)
Daggar, G. Logan, D. G. Stephen, C.
Davies, D. L. (Pontypridd) Lunn, W. Stewart, W. J. (H'ght'n-le-Sp'ng)
Davies, S. O. (Merthyr) McEntee, V. La T. Strauss, G. R. (Lambeth, N.)
Day, H. McGovern, J. Taylor, R. J. (Morpeth)
Gobble, W. MacLaren, A. Tinker, J. J.
Ede, J. c. Maclean, N. Wilkinson, Ellen
Edwards, Sip C. (Bedwellty) MacMilIan, M. (Western Isles) Williams, E. J. (Ogmore)
Fletcher, Lt.-Comdr. R. T. H, Mainwaring, W. H. Windsor, W. (Hull, C.)
Frankel, D. Marklew, E.
Gallacher, W. Marshall, F. TELLERS FOR THE AYES—
Mr. Whitely and Mr, Mathers.
Acland, R. T. D. (Barnstaplel) Castlereagh, Viscount Errington, E.
Acland-Troyte, Lt.-Col. G. J. Cazalet, Thelma (Islington, E.) Erskine Hill, A. G.
Agnew. Lieut. -Comdr. P. G. Cazalet, Capt. V. A. (Chippenham) Evans, D. O. (Cardigan)
Albery, I. J. Channon, H. Everard, W. L.
Allen, Lt.-Col. J. Sandeman (B'kn'hd) Chapman, A. (Rutherglen) Findlay, Sir E.
Amery, Rt. Hon. L. C. M. S. Chorlton, A. E. L. Fleming, E. L.
Anderson, Sir A. Garrett (C. of Ldn.) Churchill, Rt. Hon. Winston S. Foot, D. M.
Anstruther-Gray, W. J. Clydesdale, Marquess of Fraser, Capt, Sir I.
Apsley, Lord Colfox, Major W. P. Fremantle, Sir F. E.
Aske, Sir R. W. Calman, N. C. D. Fyfe, D. P. M.
Assneton, R. Colville, Lt.-Col. D. J. George, Major G. Lloyd (Pembroke)
Astor, Hon. W. W. (Fulham, E.) Cook, T. R, A. M. (Norfolk, N.) Gibson, C. G.
Baldwin-Webb, Col. J. Cooke, J. D. (Hammersmith, S.) Gilmour, Lt.-Col. Rt. Hon. Sir J.
Balfour, Capt. H. H. (Isle of Thanet) Cooper, Rt. Hn. A. Duff(W'st S.G'gs) Gledhill, G.
Balniel, Lord Courtauld, Major J. S. Gluckstein, L. H.
Barclay-Harvey, C. M. Courthope, Col. Sir G. L. Glyn, Major Sir R. G. C.
Baxter, A. Beverley Craven-Ellis, W. Goldie, N. B.
Beauchamp, Sir B. C. Croft, Brig.-Gen. Sir H. Page Goodman, Col. A. W.
Beaumont, Hon. R. E. B. (Portsm'h) Crooke, J. S. Graham, Captain A. C. (Wirral)
Beit, Sir A. I Crookshank, Capt. H. F. C. Greene, W. P. C. (Worcester)
Bernays, R. H, Croom-Johnson, R. P. Gretton, Col. Rt. Hon. J.
Birchall, Sir J. D. Cross, R. H. Gridley, Sir A. B.
Blair, Sir R. Crowder, J. F. E. Griffith, F. Kingsley (M'ddl'sbro, W.)
Blindell, Sir J. Cruddas, Col. B. Grimston, R. V.
Boothby, R. J. G. Davidson, Rt. Hon. Sir J. C. C. Gritten, W. G. Howard
Borodale, Viscount Davies, C. (Montgomery) Guest, Capt. Rt. Hon. F. E. (Drake)
Bossom, A. C. Davies, Major G. F. (Yeovil) Guest, Maj. Hon. O.(C'mb'rw'll, N.W.)
Bowater, Col. Sir T. Vansittart De Chair, S. S. Guinness, T. L. E. B.
Bower, Comdr. R. T. Denman, Hon. R. D. Gunston, Capt. D. W.
Bowyer, Capt. Sir G. E. W. Dodd, J. S. Guy, J. C. M.
Boyd-Carpenter, Major Sir A. B. Donner, P. W. Hacking, Rt. Hon. D. H. '
Bracken, B. Dorman-Smith, Major R. H. Hamilton, Sir G. C.
Braithwaite. Major A. N. Dugdale, Major T. L. Hanbury, Sir C.
Briscoe, Capt. R. G. Duggan, H. J. Hannah, I. C.
Brocklebank, C. E. R. Duncan, J. A. L. Hannon, Sir P. J. H.
Brown, Rt. Hon. E. (Leith) Dunglass, Lord Harbord, A.
Bull, B. B. Dunne, P. R. R. Harris, Sir P. A.
Burghley, Lord Eastwood, J. F. Harvey, G.
Burglin, Or. E. L. Eckcrsley, P. T. Haslam, Sir J. (Boltonl)
Burton, Col. H. W. Eden, Rt. Hon. A. Hellgers, Captain F. F. A.
Butler. R. A. Edmondson, Major Sir J Heneage, Lieut.-Colonel A. P.
Campbell, Sir E. T. Elliot, Rt. Hon. W. E. Hepburn, p. G. T. Buchan
Cartland. J. R. H. Emery, J. F. Herbert, Major J. A. (Monmouth)
Cary, R. A. Emmott, C. E. G. C. Holmes, J. S.
Hope, Captain Hon. A. O. J. Morrison, G. A. (Scottish Univ's.) Sinclair, Rt. Hon. Sir A. (C'thn's)
Hore-Belisha, Rt. Hon. L. Morrison, W. S. (Cirencester) Sinclair, Col. T. (Queen's U. B'lf'st),
Horsbrugh, Florence Muirhead, Lt.-Col. A. J. Smiles, Lieut. -Colonel Sir W. D.
Hulbert, N. J. Nall, Sir J. Smith, L. W. (Hallam)
Hunter, T. Nicolson, Hon. H. G. Smith, Sir R. W. (Aberdeen)
Jackson, Sir H. Ormsby-Gore, Rt. Hon. W. G. Somerset, T.
Jones, Sir G. W. H. (S'k N'Wgfn) Orr-Ewing, I. L. Somervell. Sir D. B. (Crewe)
Jones, H. Haydn (Merioneth) Palmer, G. E. H. Southby, Comdr. A. R. J.
Jones, L. (Swansea, W.) Patrick, C. M. Spender-Clay, Lt.-CI. Rt. Hn. H. H.
Kerr, H. W. (Oldham) Peat, C. U. Stanley, Rt. Hon. Lord (Fylde)
Kerr, J. Graham (Scottish Univs.) Penny, Sir G. Stanley, Rt. Hon. Oliver (W'm'l'd)
Keyes. Admiral of the Fleet Sir R. Percy, Rt. Hon. Lord E. Stewart, J. Henderson (Fife, E.)
Kimbali. L. Perkins, W. R. D. Storey, S.
Lamb, Sir J. Q. Petherick, M. Strauss, E. A. (Southwark, N.)
Latham, Sir P. Pickthorn, K. W. M. Strauss, H. G. (Norwich)
Law, R. K. (Hull, S.W.) Pilkington, R. Strickland, Captain W. F.
Leckie, J. A. Plugge, L. F Stuart, Lord C. Crichton- (N'thw'n)
Leech, Dr. J. W. Ponsonby, Col. C, E. Sueter, Rear-Admiral Sir M. F.
Lennox- Boyd, A. T. L. Power, Sir J. C. Sutcliffe, H.
Levy, T. Pownall, Sir A. Assheton Tate, Mavis C.
Lewis, O. Radford, E. A. Taylor, C. S. (Eastbourne)
Liddall, W. S. Raikes, H. V. A. M. Taylor, Vice-Adm. E. A. (Padd., S.)
Lindsay, K. M. Ramsay, Captain A. H. M. Thomas, J. P. L. (Hereford)
Liewellln, Lieut. -Col. J. J. Ramsbotham, H. Touche,. G. C.
Locker-Lampson, Comdr. O. S. Rankin, R. Tree, A. R. L. F.
Loftus, P. C. Rathbone, J. R. (Bodmin) Tryon, Major Rt. Hon. G. C.
Lumley, Capt. L. R. Reed, A. C. (Exeter) Tufnell, Lieut. -Com. R. L.
Mabane, W. (Huddersfleld) Rlckards, G. W. (Skipton) Turton, R. H.
MacAndrew, Lt.-Col. Sir C. G. Robinson, J. R. (Blackpool) Wakefield, W. W.
McCorquodale, M. S. Ropner, Colonel L. Ward, Lieut. -com. Sir A. L. (Hull)
MacDonald, Rt. Hn. J. R. (Scot. U.) Ross, Major Sir R. D. (L'derry) Ward, Irene (Wallsend)
MacDonald, Rt. Hon. M. (Ross) Ross Taylor, W. (Woodbridge) Warrender. Sir V.
McKle, J. H. Ruggles-Brise, Colonel Sir E. A. Waterhouse, Captain C.
Maclay, Hon. J. P. Russell, A. West (Tynemouth) Wickham, Lt.-Col. E. T. R.
Macnamara, Capt. J. R. J. Russell, S. H. M. (Darwen) Williams, H. G. (Croydon, S.)
Maitland, A. Salmon, Sir I. Wilson, Lt.-Col. Sir A. T. (Hitchin)
Makins, Brig.-Gen. E. Samuel, M. R. A. (Putney) Windsor-Clive, Lieut. -Colonel G.
Mannlngham-Buller, Sir M. Sandys, E. D. Wise, A. R.
Margesson, Capt. Rt. Hon. H. D. R. Sassoon, Rt. Hon. Sir P. Wolmer, Rt. Hon. Viscount
Mason, Lt.-Col. Hon. G. K. M. Scott, Lord William Womersley. Sir W. J.
Maxwell, S. A. Seely, Sir H. M. Wragg, H.
Mayhew, Lt.-Col. J. Shakespeare, G. H. Young, A. S. L. (Partick)
Mellor, Sir J. S. P. (Tamworth) Shaw, Major P. S. (Wavertree)
Mills, Major J. D. (New Forest) Shaw, Captain W. T. (Forfar) TELLERS FOR THE NOES —
Mitchell, H. (Brentford and Chiswick) Shepperson, Sir E. W. Mr. James Stuart and Dr. Morris-
Moreing, A. C. Shute, Colonel Sir J. J. Jones.
Morris, J. P. (Salford, N.) Simon, Rt. Hon. Sir J. A.

Original Question put, and agreed to.