HC Deb 10 December 1936 vol 318 c2168
50. Mr. MANDER

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether the French guarantee of military support for Great Britain against an act of unprovoked aggression extends to the British Dominions and Colonies?


I presume that the hon. Member is referring to the assurance contained in the speech by the French Minister for Foreign Affairs on 4th December, in which he declared that all the forces of France by land, sea and air would be spontaneously and immediately used for the defence of Great Britain in the event of an unprovoked aggression. That assurance is naturally greatly welcomed by His Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom. Its terms are clearly limited, as were the guarantees given by His Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom under the Treaty of Locarno.


Is the Irish Free State included in the guarantee?


Perhaps the hon. Member will put that question down. My impression is that no guarantee is given to this country by France under the Locarno Treaty.


Does the statement made by the French Prime Minister supersede the terms of the Locarno Treaty?


No, Sir; that statement is wholly in accordance with the arrangements reached in March last.

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