HC Deb 03 December 1936 vol 318 cc1401-3
1 and 2. Mr. MABANE

asked the Minister of Labour (1) whether he will consider including in the monthly figures relating to employment for each accounting area the percentage which the insured poulation bears to the total population in that area;

(2) whether he will state, as a percentage, the relation of the insured population to the total population in the case of Huddersfield and either Jarrow or, if that is not possible, the immediate accounting area which includes Jarrow?


The only information in the possession of the Department with regard to the insured population in particular areas is that relating to the numbers of insured persons whose unemployment books are exchanged, in July of each year, at Employment Exchanges situated within those areas. As the areas served by particular Employment Exchanges do not correspond with the local authority areas in which they are situated, and as considerable numbers of unemployment books are exchanged at Employment Exchanges situated in areas other than those in which the insured persons are resident, I regret that it is not possible to calculate the ratio between the insured population and the total population of a particular locality.


Does not my right hon. Friend think that in order to obtain a proper picture of the incidence of unemployment some such figure as this should necessarily be included in the monthly statistics relating to unemployment?


When considering this question it is necessary to remember that other factors beside figures come in.


Is it not approximately true that, whereas in Huddersfield about one-half of the total population are normally occupied in insurable occupations, in Jarrow rather less than a quarter of the total poulation is so occupied?


My hon. Friend knows that in Huddersfield there is a large proportion of women insurably employed.


asked the Minister of Labour the number of persons in receipt of unemployment benefit and transitional payment allowances, respectively, at the Maesteg, Pontycymmer, Ogmore Vale, Aberkenfig, and Bridgend Labour Exchanges for the years 1931, 1932, 1933, 1934, and 1935 to date?


As the reply includes a Table of figures I will, if I may, cir-

The following Table shows the numbers of payments of insurance benefit and transitional payments or unemployment allowances made direct through the undermentioned Employment Exchanges during a week in November of each year from 1931 to 1936.
Week ended. Maesteg Pontycymmer Ogmore Vale Aberkeufig. Bridgend.
20th November, 1936:
Insurance Benefit 398 260 534 140 369
Unemployment Allowances 1,987 686 626 515 702
22nd November, 1935:
Insurance Benefit 566 159 212 184 442
Unemployment Allowances 2,100 790 638 544 736
23rd November, 1934:
Insurance Benefit 312 367 395 157 324
Transitional Payments 2,176 880 699 524 667
24th November, 1933:
Insurance Benefit 269 369 254 173 308
Transitional Payments 2,741 1,002 723 552 680
25th November, 1932:
Insurance Benefit 594 555 898 230 328
Transitional Payments 3,087 740 469 523 705
20th November, 1931:
Insurance Benefit 2,161 333 1,294 223 566
Transitional Payments 1,802 451 423 442 446
The figures do not include payments made through asssociations for which a geographical analysis is not available.