HC Deb 08 May 1935 vol 301 cc952-3

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty (1) the amount forecast to be spent during 1934 and the amount estimated to be spent in 1935 on structural stores required in connection with the building and repair of ships in His Majesty's dockyards;

(2) the total amount to be spent in 1935 and the percentage of money to be spent in the manufacture, purchase, repair, and alteration of all guns, gun forgings, breech mechanisms, spare parts, aiming rifles, tools, and implements required for the naval service, and for the purchase of all descriptions of projectiles and ammunition and their components, explosives for torpedoes, mines, etc., with private trade and in Government factories, respectively;

(3) the percentage of the total amount forecast to be allotted to new construction during 1934 and the percentage estimated to be allotted during 1935 on dockyard-built ships and on contract-built ships, respectively; the amount estimated to be spent on contract work in the dockyard-built ships and the amount estimated to be spent on dockyard work in the contract-built ships during each of these two years; and, in relation to the expenditure on dockyard-built ships, the percentage relation in each year between the sums estimated to be spent in 1934 and 1935 on contract work and the sums spent on dockyard work?


As the answers contain a number of figures, I will, with the hon. Member's permission, circulate them in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Following are the figures:

Question 6.—The amounts are as follows:

1934—Amount estimated to have been spent £322,000
1935—Amount which it is estimated will be spent £382,000
These figures include timber as well as steel structurals.

Question 7.—The amounts are as follow:

Total Expenditure. Spent with Trade Spent with Trade Percentage
In Government Factories. With Trade.
£ £ £ Per cent. Per cent.
2,468,000 946,000 1,522,000 38 62

Question 8.—The figures are the following:

Year. Contract Built Ships. Dockyard Built Ships. Grand Total New Construction. Percentage relation between sums estimated to be spent on Contract work and Dockyard work.
Dockyard Work. Contract Work. Total, Dockyard Work. Contract Work. Total. Contract Work. Dockyard Work.
£ £ £ £ £ £ £
1934 355,250 7,095,261 7,450,511 1,130,370 970,841 2,101,211 9,551,722
per cent. 3.7 74.3 78.0 11.8 10.2 22.0 84.5 15.5
1935 296,550 7,887,323 8,183,873 847,720 950,747 1,798,467 9,982,340
per cent. 3.0 79.0 82.0 8.5 9.5 18.0 88.5 11.5
NOTE.—The figures for Dockyard work are the estimated direct charges for labour and material; the oncosts and services are not included.
All figures are exclusive of the cost of first outfit and reserves of guns, torpedoes and ammunition.