HC Deb 19 March 1935 vol 299 cc977-8

asked the Secretary for Mines whether he will consider revising Section 92, Sub-section (2), of the Mines Act, 1911, which forbids any boy or girl of or above the age of 13 years or any woman to be employed for more than 54 hours in any one week, or more than 10 hours in any one day, by reducing the hours mentioned?


Having in mind the other restrictions embodied in the same Clause, I doubt whether the full time allowed under the Section is often used. If the hon. Member has any information to the contrary, I shall be obliged if he will let me have it, although I am afraid I cannot hold out any hope of legislation at present.


Does not the hon. Gentleman see that some parts of the Mines Act are almost obsolete, and that the time has come for some revision?


Although the Secretary for Mines has said that he cannot bring in legislation, could he not, in view of the cases which have been brought to his notice, bring this matter to the attention of the mine managers? If he would do that, these long hours would be stopped.


There are other sections which apply to this matter, in addition to the one quoted in the question, and that fact bears on my answer. If the hon. Member would like to have the various sections affecting the matter, as well as the one mentioned in the question, I shall be glad to send him a copy of them.

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