HC Deb 11 March 1935 vol 299 cc14-5
25 and 27. Mr. GROVES

asked the Postmaster-General (1) whether he is aware of the scheme of road widening in High Street, Stratford, and the ready opportunities to provide post office facilities whereby aged people attending to draw their pensions will not need to cross the High Street; and whether he will consider making arrangements with the Treasury for such pensions to be payable in mid-week when the traffic on the road is not so heavy;

(2) what collaboration, if any, takes place between his Department and other Departments to ensure, in the interests of public safety, that post offices where pensions are issued to aged people are reasonably near the homes of such persons and do not necessitate the crossing of busy main thoroughfares?


All reasonable steps are taken to select sites for post offices which will be convenient to the users; but I am afraid it would not be possible to provide them in such a way as to obviate the crossing of busy thorough fares. Legislation would be necessary to alter the days on which pensions are paid.


Is legislation necessary for the adaptation of post office sites where improvements are being effected in high streets; will the right hon. Gentlemen give further attention to this very dangerous site, owing to the traffic; and, in view of the changes that are being made there, will he make the arrangement suggested in the question?


The legislation that I referred to was in reply to the latter part of the question, in which the hon. Member asked for a change in the days for the payment of these pensions.