HC Deb 27 June 1935 vol 303 cc1279-81

Mr. William Nicholson reported from the Committee of Selection; That they had discharged the following Members from Standing Committee A: Sir Robert Gower and Mr. Kenneth Lindsay; and had appointed in substitution: Sir Henry Cautley and Brigadier-General Makins.

Mr. William Nicholson further reported from the Committee: That they had added the following Twenty-five Members to Standing Committee A (in respect of the Restriction of Ribbon Development Bill [Lords]): Dr. Addison, Lord Balniel, Mr. Michael Beaumont, Brigadier-General Clifton Brown, Mr. Burnett, Mr. Crossley, Mr. Guy, Marquess of Hartington, Mr. Hore-Belisha, Captain Austin Hudson, Sir Joseph Lamb, Major Leighton, Captain Peter Macdonald, Mr. Mander, Major Mills, Mr. Parkinson, Mr. Rhys, Colonel Sir Edward Ruggles-Brise, Mr. Shakespeare, the Solicitor-General, the Solicitor-General for Scotland, Mr. Turton, Mr. Charles Williams, Mr. Herbert Williams, and Mr. Wilmot.