HC Deb 27 June 1935 vol 303 cc1269-70

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland how many of the 2,000 houses to be built in Dundee under the five years programme, to replace a part of the slum areas in that city, have been completed, are under construction, or for which tenders have been approved?


At the end of May, 69 of the 2,000 houses in the corporation of Dundee's rehousing programme had been completed and 874 were under construction, a total of 943. There were no houses for which tenders had been approved but not begun.


Has my hon. Friend any idea when more of these houses will be completed, and can he give any advice to the local authority to speed up their programme, as over 3,000 houses are unfit for habitation and are still being used?


Constant contact is kept with the corporation of Dundee for the purpose of ensuring that houses under construction are completed as rapidly as possible. My hon. Friend may be aware that there is another housing scheme comprising 700 houses, for which tenders have not been put out, but for which preliminary work, such as sewers, is in progress.