HC Deb 04 July 1935 vol 303 c2134

Resolved, That the draft of a Special Order proposed to be made by the Board of Trade under the Gas Undertakings Acts, 1920 to 1934, on the application of the Farnham Gas and Electricity Company, which was presented on the 17th day of June and published, be approved, subject to the following addition:—

Clause 5, page 3, after line 30, insert the following new sub-clause:— 'The scheduled agreement shall be read and have effect as if the following clause were inserted after Clause 15A:— 15B. The Farnham Company shall compensate all workmen who have been in the continuous employment of the Bordon Company for not less than three years and who may suffer loss of employment or diminution of wages by reason of the transfer of the undertaking of the Bordon Company to the Farnham Company in accordance with the terms agreed by the National Joint Industrial Council for the Gas Industry dated the twenty-ninth day of April, one thousand nine hundred and thirty, a copy of which terms are set out in the Schedule hereto. Provided always that no man who has been in the employ of the Bordon Company for a continuous term of not less than three years shall except for misconduct, incapacity, or neglect of duty be discharged within the period of two years from the day of transfer. and as if the following Schedule were inserted after Clause 18:—

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