HC Deb 02 July 1935 vol 303 cc1766-8

6.36 p.m.


I beg to move, in page 5, line 31, to leave out from "authority" to "statement" in line 35, and to insert: as soon as may be after they have ascertained the floor area of the rooms of a dwelling-house, to inform the landlord and the occupier thereof in writing of the permitted number of persons in relation to the house, and, on application by the landlord or the occupier of any dwelling-house, to give him the like information in relation thereto. A. This Amendment is put down in accordance with a promise made in Committee. Where a local authority had ascertained the information they did not inform the landlord and the occupier presently in occupation unless application was made for it. The new form of the Clause will make it a duty on the local authority to give the information to the landlord and to the sitting tenant as soon as they get it. The latter half of the Amendment deals with the fact that one does not wish the local authority to have placed upon them the duty of giving similar information to any subsequent landlord or tenant, and if such subsequent landlord or tenant desires the information he must apply to the local authority for it.


Do we not require to add something in this Amendment in regard to height? The Amendment says: as soon as may be after they have ascertained the floor area of the rooms of a dwelling-house. Surely, something ought to be put in about the height? This is simply putting in floor area and nothing in regard to cubic capacity or height.


The undertaking given by the Secretary of State in the previous discussion that we have had today was that words would be inserted in the other place. It may be—I cannot say more than that at this stage—that the form of these words may involve the necessity of putting in certain words here, but that cannot be decided until the: form of words has been decided upon with a view to an Amendment in another place. I will keep in mind what the hon. Member has said.


Did not the undertaking given by the Secretary of State apply to other parts of the Bill where the same point arises?


When the particular form of words has been decided upon for Amendment in the other place, the best efforts will be made to see that the Bill is made watertight.

6.41 p.m.


When the information has been given once by the local authority, is there any obligation to give subsequent occupiers the information? The subsequent occupiers may be farm servants, who would be constantly changing, and they are not well conversant with the law.


I dealt with that point in my previous observations. Subsequent occupiers do not get the information except on application.


Is not that a weakness, because farm servants may be the occupiers, and they know nothing about the Act? No obligation is placed upon anybody to give the farm servant information in regard to a matter on which he may or may not be committing an offence.

Amendment agreed to.