HC Deb 22 February 1935 vol 298 cc708-10

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I beg to move, in page 13, line 12, at the end, to insert: Cured herring ' means herring which have been pickled in salt or in brine, or in both, and packed in barrels, and which have not been subjected to any process of smoking. This is a definition of cured herring which is being put forward to meet requests made in Committee for such a definition.

12.1 p.m.


I do not want to oppose this Amendment, but I wish to express my regret that it was found necessary to include the words, "packed in barrels." Would herring packed in any other container be different from herring in barrels? There is no saying what the future may bring forth, and I think it would be better to leave out those words.

12.2 p.m.


I am anxious to give every consideration to practical points put forward by my hon. Friends. It is possible, of course, that in another place it may be desirable to make some such Amendment, and we shall certainly give the matter the closest consideration, because there is always the danger that a definition may over-define. We saw this difficulty in the Committee stage, and were a little unwilling to include the definition. Over-definition is a danger. We will, however, look further into the matter, because we might desire to amend the definition on the lines suggested.


I suggest to my right hon. Friend that we should get a better definition by adding after the word "barrels" the words "or in other containers." I think that would safeguard the future.


I hope the Minister will give further consideration to this suggestion, because I think my hon. Friend who has put it forward is right.


The suggestion now made is that the words should be "in barrels or in other containers." I am always anxious to consider such suggestions, because whatever authority may reside in a Committee the practical experience found in the House as a whole which is applied to a Bill on Report stage, ought to be taken into consideration; and when we are admittedly modelling a Bill which is not the product of any one party or section of the House, we are most desirous of collecting opinions so that we may have the benefit of them when we are considering the matter in another place.


May I suggest that we should leave out the words "and packed in barrels"? That would get rid of all the difficulty as to what the container might be.


If I were to leave out the words, "and packed in barrels," it would be necessary for me to be under no undertaking that I should not further wish to modify the definition in another place. It is desirable to avoid lengthening the Parliamentary stages of a Bill and I should be prepared now to leave out the words "and packed in barrels," but on the definite understanding that if this is not a satisfactory definition we may amend it in another place. If it were in order, I should be willing to move the amendment subject to the omission of the words, "and packed in barrels."

Amendment to proposed Amendment made: In line 2, leave out "and packed in barrels."—[Mr. Elliot.]

Amendment, as amended, agreed to.