HC Deb 19 February 1935 vol 298 cc154-5

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland whether he can state the annual amounts paid by way of grants towards agricultural land drainage since the institution of the scheme, together with the proportion of the grant towards the total cost of the work done each year?


As the reply includes a table of figures I propose, with the hon. Member's permission, to circulate it in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Following is the Reply:

Since 1921 a scheme for the assistance of agricultural drainage in Scotland by way of grants has been in operation during each financial year ending 31st March. Particulars of the grants paid to date in respect of these schemes and of the proportion of the grant in each year to the total cost of approved work are as follows:

Year. Total Amount paid in Grants. Proportion of Grant to Total Cost of Approved Work.
1921–22 14,826 50 per cent.
1922–23 38,621 50 per cent.
1923–24 32,048 50 per cent.
1924–25 29,831 50 per cent.
1925–26 9,112 30 per cent.
1926–27 14,732 33⅓ per cent.
1927–28 7,767 33⅓ per cent.
1928–29 10,056 33⅓ per cent.
1929–30 11,893 33⅓ per cent. as regards £9,814.
*50 per cent as regards £2,079.
1930–31 23,110 33⅓ per cent.
1931–32 24,020 33⅓ per cent.
1932–33 11,054 25 per cent.
1933–34 7,834 25 per cent.
1934–35 2,111† 25 per cent.
* A special rate for the relief of unemployment in the depressed areas.
† This represents the amount paid to date. Claims for payment can be submitted up to 28th instant, and this amount will be substantially increased.

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