HC Deb 19 December 1935 vol 307 cc1953-4
101. Wing-Commander JAMES

asked the Minister of Agriculture whether, in order to prevent the exploitation of the animal-loving public, he will issue a statement as to the conditions under which horses are exported, showing the numbers and classes of animals exported, the countries of their destination, and the approximate numbers exported for slaughter on arrival, during the past three years?

Year. Belgium. France. Holland. Total.
Carcases. Carcases. Carcases. Carcases.
1932 21,329 355 427 22,111
1933 26,050 76 122 26,248
1934 23,926 3 128 24,057
Note.—The figures are supplied by the Governments of the importing countries concerned. There are no exports of horseflesh except to the above-mentioned countries.
103. Wing-Commander JAMES

asked the Minister of Agriculture whether he has any information as to the conditions under which horses are slaughtered in Holland, Belgium and France; and whether there are any grounds for supposing that any horses of British origin were exported for slaughter in the last two named countries during 1934 or during the first six months of 1935?


The use of the humane killer is compulsory in all centres in Holland, and in France at Boulogne, Calais and Vaugirard, the principal slaughtering establishment in Paris. In


The position regarding the export of horses from this country is that no horse may be shipped unless, after examination at the port of shipment by a Veterinary Inspector of the Ministry, it has been certified by him as fit to travel and to work without suffering. This regulation is strictly enforced, and a high standard of fitness is required in respect of every horse exported. The horses are well fed and cared for both before and during the sea voyage. I do not propose to issue any special statement on the subject, but I am sending my hon. and gallant Friend the statistical information referred to in the latter part of his question.

102. Wing-Commander JAMES

asked the Minister of Agriculture the quantity of horseflesh exported, with its destination, during the past three years?


I am circulating in the OFFICIAL REPORT a statement giving the information desired by my hon. and gallant Friend in respect of the years 1932–1934. Figures for 1935 are not yet available.

Following is the statement:

Belgium, I understand that the humane killer is in general use, though other methods may be used under permit. During 1934 and up to 30th June, 1935, 326 horses were exported from this country to Belgium and 633 to France. None of these were reported as shipped for slaughter.

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