HC Deb 11 December 1935 vol 307 cc905-7
54. Mr. DAY

asked the Minister of Transport whether, in view of the great increase in road accidents, he will consider the introduction of legislation that will compel pedestrians to cross roads only at appointed places or when the roads are clear?


The hon. Member is mistaken in his assumption that there has been a great increase in road accidents. During the 38 weeks ending 30th November, 1935, there was a reduction of 11,090 in the number of persons killed and injured in Great Britain as compared with the corresponding period of last year. The reduction was most marked in the Metropolitan area. While I share his desire that pedestrians should cross the roads only at appointed places where it is possible to provide such places at reasonable intervals, there are difficulties which I cannot ignore in the way of compulsion.


Is the right hon. Gentleman satisfied that his regulations are being carried out satisfactorily with regard to pedestrian crossings?


I think that there is a great improvement. We have endeavoured to make a contribution towards safety on these roads, and where we could get pedestrian barriers the contribution would be even more secure.

57. Mr. TINKER

asked the Minister of Transport whether his attention has been drawn to a fatal accident which occurred on the new East Lancashire road, Liverpool to Manchester, at the end of Peel Lane, Astley, on Thursday, 21st November, when a, motor car struck a cyclist, killing the rider of the bicycle instantly; that the evidence given was to the effect that the motor car was travelling at 55 to 60 miles per hour and the cyclist was entering the East Lancashire road from a cross road; and will the Minister give consideration to having signs or markings put up to denote crossings, so that motor cars will reduce their speed when approaching them?


The coroner in this case stated that he did not agree that danger signs should be erected at this spot and said that people seeking to emerge into such roads as the East Lancashire road should pay attention to the dangers. The highway authority inform me that Peel Lane is a private road and that there is an unrestricted view from it of traffic on the new road. I will, however, pursue the matter further with the appropriate authority in order to determine what action can usefully be taken.


Is the Minister aware that in some parts of the East Coast they are using posts simply with the words "By-road," and that it is an enormous convenience to motorists and other traffic? Can he not see his way to make this system more universal?


The provision of these authorised signs is a matter within the jurisdiction of the appropriate highway authority, but I will do all I can to encourage the erection of proper and authorised signs at suitable places.


Is it true that the right hon. Gentleman has reached the end of his resources?

59. Captain STRICKLAND

asked the Minister of Transport whether he is in a position to lay before the House any report on the causation of road accidents arising out of examination of this subject by the Road Safety Council established by him in the autumn of 1934?


If my hon. and gallant Friend refers to the investigation undertaken by my Department, an interim report was published on 8th August and a full report will be issued after the end of this year.