HC Deb 01 August 1935 vol 304 cc2834-5

The Committee will be asked:

  1. (i) The inquire into the operation of the Workmen's Compensation Acts (including any Orders or Regulations made there-under) in relation to workmen affected by Miner's Nystagmus, and to make any recommendations whether by way of amendment of the law or otherwise as, having regard to the special character or effects of the disease or any special circumstances connected therewith, they may think desirable.
  2. 2835
  3. (ii) To inquire into the system of medical examination and certification by the Medical Referees and the Certifying Surgeons in force under the Workmen's Compensation Acts, and generally into the present procedure and arrangements, in cases of injury by accident or through one of the scheduled diseases, for ascertaining and supervising the physical condition of the injured workman and his fitness for employment, and to make any recommendation for alteration of such procedure or arrangements as they may think fit.
  4. (iii) To inquire into and report on the working of the provisions and practice relating to the settlement of workmen's compensation claims by agreements for the payment of lump sums and to advise on the following points in particular:
    1. (a) As to the effects of such provisions and practice in promoting or retarding the recovery of the injured workman and as to whether any alteration therein is desirable;
    2. (b) As to the manner in which the amount of the lump sum is calculated and as to whether rules could not usefully be formulated, whether for guidance only or for compulsory application, for the purpose of fixing or assisting to fix the amount in cases of serious and permanent injury;
    3. (c) As to the extent to which the workman derives the full benefit of the compensation when paid in a lump sum and as to whether it would be desirable that any, and if so what, further powers should be conferred on the County Court to control the use of the compensation in all or any class of such cases.