HC Deb 03 April 1935 vol 300 cc339-41

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty why no officers on the emergency list are to take part in the Jubilee naval review at Spithead; and what is the object of maintaining an emergency list of officers, as distinct from the ordinary retired list, if they are not to be given that occasional training which would be of value to them?


The number of officers required in addition to those on the active list is limited, and the most satisfactory way of meeting the requirements is to afford officers of the Royal Naval Reserve and Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve the opportunity of performing their obligatory periodical training at the time of the Review. I think that my hon. Friend is under a misapprehension as to the nature of the emergency list. This does not consist of retired officers who hold themselves in some special sense available for service, but of officers who have resigned their commissions, but have requested to be allowed to undertake the same responsibility to serve in time of emergency as is incumbent upon all officers on the retired list.


asked the First Lord of the Admiralty whether any special facilities will be given to Members of Parliament to see the Naval Review on 16th July?


Arrangements are in hand, and I hope will shortly be completed, whereby an opportunity will be given to Members of both Houses of Parliament to see the Review of the Fleet at Spithead on the 16th of July. The accommodation that will be available should make it possible to reserve about 1,200 places in all for members of the two Houses and their wives. The hospital ship "Maine" and two Southern Railway steamers will convey guests round the Fleet in the wake of the Royal Yacht "Victoria and Albert" and the Admiralty Yacht, "Enchantress." Special trains will be run from London to embark guests, and if there is sufficient demand it may be possible to arrange for a subsequent journey by steamer to see the illumination of the Fleet which takes place from 10.30 p.m. till midnight. It will be necessary to make a charge of £1 per head to cover the railway journey and such meals as are taken in the train. Members who wish to see the Review will be asked later to enter their names in a book in the office of the Speaker's Secretary. It will not be possible to allot more than two tickets to any member.

54. Mr. JOEL

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department whether he will consider the possibility of permitting military or other bands between certain hours on the night of 6th May to play dance music in specified streets or squares in London, such streets or squares to be selected by him for their proximity to areas where large crowds are likely to-gather, and with a view to the minimum congestion of traffic, so that the public may have the opportunity of celebrating the Jubilee by dancing in those places?

The SECRETARY of STATE for the HOME DEPARTMENT (Sir John Gilmour)

No, Sir; I think that my hon. Friend's suggestion would greatly add to the difficulty, which will in any event be great, of regulating the crowds on this occasion.


Will my right hon. Friend not reconsider the desirability of having some such arrangements at any rate in the poorer districts of London?

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