HC Deb 14 November 1934 vol 293 c1936

asked the Secretary- of State for Foreign Affairs whether the agreement, signed on 24th May, between Peru and Colombia, at Rio de Janeiro, has been ratified by the legislative bodies of the two countries as contemplated; whether any change of ratifications has taken place; and what progress has been made by the committee of three with regard to drawing up an agreement on the Amazon and Putumayo areas?


The Peruvian Government formally notified the Council of the League of Nations on the 3rd November that the Peruvian Congress have approved the Rio de Janeiro Protocol and Additional Act of the 24th May. The exchange of ratifications cannot, of course, take place until the Colombian Congress, who have the matter under consideration, have also signified their approval. As regards the last part of the question, the hon. Member refers, I presume, to the mixed commission set up under Article 6 of the Rio de Janeiro Protocol. The function of this commission is not to draw up a single agreement on the Amazon and Putumayo areas but to supervise the execution of agreements concluded under the Additional Act on a number of special points such as customs, river navigation and the policing of frontiers, and to assist in the solution of any difficulties that may arise between Peru and Colombia in that region. No information is at the moment available regarding the results of the commission's activities.