HC Deb 13 November 1934 vol 293 cc1762-3
46. Mr. MABANE

asked the Prime Minister whether in view of the declaration in No. 1 of the further documents relating to the settlement reached at the Lausanne Conference, Lausanne, 16th June to 9th July, 1932 [Cmd. 4129], to the effect that if no settlement can be obtained about their own debt by the creditor Governments on whose behalf the final act of the Lausanne Conference was done, then the agreement with Germany would not be ratified, that a new situation would have arisen, and that the Governments interested will have to consult together as to what should be done; and whether, as no such settlement has in fact been obtained, it is his intention to call a further conference of the Powers in accordance with the guarantee he gave, as Chairman of the Lausanne Conference, to the German Chancellor on 8th July, 1932?


In the present situation of the War Debts question, I do not consider that the circumstances in which it was agreed to call a further Conference have arisen, and it is not my intention to do so.


Can the Prime Minister say whether he has any definite term in his mind for the present indeterminate situation, in view of the danger of Europe finding itself back on the Young plan?


I do not think the hon. Member need apprehend such a situation.


Can the right hon. Gentleman say whether any demand has been made for further payments from Germany?

50. Mr. MABANE

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether the Government have now decided that a satisfactory settlement with the United States of America about War debts cannot be obtained, or whether the negotiations are still to be regarded as in progress?


I am not at present in a position to make any statement on this subject.


Are we to take it that the whole question of international debts is at present in abeyance both with regard to the Lausanne Conference, and the Conference with the United States?


The hon. Member can draw his own conclusions.