HC Deb 07 November 1934 vol 293 cc1033-4
59. Captain Sir WILLIAM BRASS

asked the Minister of Transport whether he will consider placing in the Library or in the tea room of the House full-size samples in colour of the proposed restriction and derestriction signs as described in his Circular No. 407 (Roads) to mark the entrances and exits for 30 miles an hour speed limits?


Yes, Sir.

60. Sir W. BRASS

asked the Minister of Transport whether he will state the number of local authorities supplied with Circular No. 407 (Roads); and whether this is the first circular which has been issued to them on this subject?


Circular No. 407 (Roads) was supplied to all County Councils, County Boroughs, Non-County Boroughs with separate police forces or with population of over 20,000, and Urban District Councils with population of over 20,000 in England and Wales, and to all County Councils and Town Councils in Scotland. The answer to the second part of the Question is in the affirmative.


How long is my hon. Friend giving the local authorities to answer this circular?


It will be necessary for them to have a proper survey of their areas. I hope my hon. Friend will not press me as to the exact date.

61. Sir W. BRASS

asked the Minister of Transport whether, seeing that the derestriction speed-limit sign described in his Circular No. 407 (Roads) is very similar in design to the signs used in Continental countries for the restriction of parking and forbidding the entrance into one-way streets, he will reconsider its authorisation?


The basis of the signs adopted on the Continent for indicating restrictions on the use of roads is a red ring or disc, and I do not think that there is any danger of confusing signs of this type with that of an oblique black bar on a white disc, as now proposed for indicating derestricted roads.


Has my hon. Friend considered the advisability of sending someone to Switzerland in order to see some of these signs, because the description that he has given is quite incorrect. There is a bar across, which means a restriction, and I think there should be uniformity in these things in all countries?


I will consider the sugesstion of sending someone to Switzerland and, if the hon. Member will undertake the task, I shall be grateful.