HC Deb 07 November 1934 vol 293 cc1027-8

asked the Minister of Transport whether in view of the fact that manufacturers are not able to supply all cyclists with the new whitetail for their machines, he proposes to postpone the date when proceedings will be taken against those cyclists without such white tails?


It is within the power of any cyclist to comply with the regulations at the cost of a few pence and a few minutes' labour. I have no power to prohibit legal proceedings, but, as I have already announced, I expect that for a short time to come non-com- pliance with these regulations will ordinarily be dealt with by way of caution rather than by way of prosecution.


Would a live light be an allowable alternative to this white device—an electric reflector?

Lieut.-Colonel CHARLES Mac-ANDREW

Does not the Minister think that these white tails on bicycles are really of no use, especially if a car is coming in the opposite direction with headlights, which cause cyclists to think that they are in a much safer position than they are; and, as motor bicycles have to carry rear lights, and they are very much safer inasmuch as their speed is very much nearer that of a motor car, does not my lion. Friend consider that bicyclists should carry a red light for their own protection


No doubt what my hon. and gallant Friend says is true. Such regulations as have been made have been made in the interests of the safety of the cyclists themselves, though some of them do not appear to consider that to be the case. They are like a lot of hysterical prima donnas.