HC Deb 31 May 1934 vol 290 c329

I beg leave to present a petition organised by the women of Glasgow under the auspices of various representative women's societies, and signed by 64,540 men and women in the Parliamentary constituencies of Scotland. The petition states that: whereas the declaration contained in the Covenant of the League of Nations, Article 8, paragraph 5, declares that the manufacture by private enterprise of munitions and implements of war is open to grave objections, and whereas the petitioners believe that for the maintenance of peace among the nations and the attainment of disarmament it is requisite that the influence of personal gain be removed from the manufacture of armaments, the petitioners humbly pray: That the manufacture of armaments and munitions by private persons and companies be suppressed, and that the manufacture and sale of armaments and munitions be carried on only under international control representative of all nations.

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