HC Deb 18 May 1934 vol 289 cc2040-1

I desire to call your attention, Mr. Speaker, to what I conceive to be a breach of the Privileges of this House. It is the law that no person may take a photograph within the House of Commons without the permission of the Lord Great Chamberlain or the Sergeant-at-Arms. I hold in my hand a copy of the "Evening Standard" of the 17th May, 1934—yesterday—and it contains a picture which is entitled "One of the Bars of the House of Commons." This photograph, I am informed by one of the persons who appear in it, was taken throe years ago, but appeared only yesterday. It represents the bar at the head of the stairs on the Committee floor, a bar which exists for the convenience of the general public and of witnesses attending the Committee rooms and is never used by Members of Parliament. I call your attention to this matter in order that you may take such action, if any, as you think proper.


I would remind the hon. Member that there is no law against taking photographs in this House. There is a rule, and it appears that on this occasion, three years ago, somebody evaded the rule and took a photograph. We can tighten up the rule, but beyond that there is nothing that I can do.