HC Deb 10 May 1934 vol 289 cc1242-3
30. Mr. BOSSOM

asked the Minister of Health how many of the 170,000 houses which were built last year by private enterprise have been laid out in accordance with approved town-planning arrangements; and how many have been built in what amounts to ribbon development?


The returns made to me do not enable me to distinguish between houses which have and those which have not been laid out under the conditions referred to.


Will the right hon. Gentleman consider asking for returns in such a form as it will be possible to state whether the houses are for sale or to let, and at what rents, in view of the importance of discovering whether private enterprise is meeting the need for the supply of cheaper houses?


I must point out that this question has nothing whatever to do with houses to let or for sale, but relates to houses erected under town planning arrangements.


Is it not possible to get accurate information on this point so as to prevent ribbon development extending as it is at this time?


I am entirely in sympathy with the spirit of my hon. Friend's question. I do not think statistical information of this sort is obtainable, but if my hon. Friend will afford me an opportunity, I will give him such information as I possess.

Lieut.-Commander AGNEW

Is my right hon. Friend satisfied that the Town and Country Planning Act is effective?

31. Mr. BOSSOM

asked the Minister of Health how many of the 170,000 houses which have been built by private enterprise last year are for rent and how many for sale; and how many of these are capable of being rented at an all-in rent, including rates, of 10s. or less per week, as essential for the use of the lowest-paid workers?


Assuming the proportions shown in the returns for the second six months of the year to hold good, about 40,000 of the 208,000 houses erected by private enterprise without State assistance in the year ended 31st March, 1934, were occupied by persons other than their owners, and about 77,000 were of a reateable value not exceeding £13 (£20 in Greater London).

37. Mr. WHITE

asked the Minister of Health the estimated number of working-class houses required to be built as on 1st January, 1933, or other convenient date; and the number so far built and proposed to be built?


As I stated in reply to a question by my hon. Friend the Member for Salford, South (Mr. Stourton) on 22nd February last, it is not possible, owing to uncertainties in the basis of an estimate in such matters of standards of accommodation, number of effective families and possible limits of area of residence, to arrive at a trustworthy arithmetical estimate such as the hon. Member desires. With regard to the second part of his question, I would refer him to the answer given on Tuesday last to the hon. Member for South-West St. Pancras (Mr. Mitcheson) in which the most recent figures of housing progress were given.