HC Deb 10 May 1934 vol 289 c1255

asked the First Commissioner of Works whether he will have reduced the rental charge to the lessee of the franchise for chairs in Hyde Park, and other Royal parks, to the pre war figure so as to enable the charge for chairs to be reduced from 2d. to the pre war charge of 1d., as on ordinary days many elderly and infirm people desire to rest for a few minutes and find the post war tariff burdensome; or, alternatively, will he increase the number of the free seats, which are now overcrowded?


The question of the charge for chairs owned and provided by a contractor has been under consideration from time to time since the War, but, neither in the Royal parks nor in those places controlled by local authorities in London, has it been found possible, for financial reasons, to make a reduction in the charge. Additional free seats have been, and are being, provided as funds are available.


Will the right hon. Gentleman go to Hyde Park? He will see that the chairs are practically never occupied. Does he not see that it would be a commercial gain to reduce the charge?