HC Deb 03 May 1934 vol 289 cc454-5
4. Sir A. WILSON

asked the Minister of Labour the number of persons of both sexes who, on 20th March last, had been on the register as unemployed for less than one month and less than three months, respectively?


As the reply is somewhat long and contains a number of figures, I will if I may circulate it in the OFFICIAI, REPORT.

Following is the reply :

The numbers of applicants for insurance benefit and transitional payments at 19th March, 1934 (including wholly unemployed, temporarily stopped and casual workers) who had been on the registers of Employment Exchanges in Great Britain for less than three months were 806,358 males and 182,585 females. Statistics with regard to persons who had been on the registers for less than one month are available only in respect of applicants wholly unemployed; of these 211,999 males and 35,675 females had, at 19th March, 1934, been on the registers for less than four weeks. At the same date there were 317,425 male and 87,365 female applicants, who were either temporarily stopped or normally in casual employment; the great majority of these had probably been on the register for less than four weeks. Corresponding figures are not available in respect of unemployed persons on the registers who were not applicants for benefit or transitional payments.