HC Deb 29 March 1934 vol 287 cc2126-7
10. Sir W. BRASS

asked the Home Secretary the number of prosecutions and consequent convictions to the latest convenient date in the city of Oxford since the imposition of the speed limit in that city for the following offences, respectively, exceeding the 30 miles per hour speed limit, driving to the danger of the public, and reckless driving?


If my hon. and gallant Friend is referring to contraventions of the City of Oxford Roads (Restriction) Order, which came into operation on the 20th November last, the number of offences against that Order which were dealt with by prosecution up to 31st December was 26 and 26 convictions were obtained. I am afraid that I cannot give figures relating to other offences during the same limited period, nor can I give separate figures for reckless driving as distinguished from driving at a speed or in a manner dangerous to the public, since all offences under Section 11 of the Road Traffic Act are shown under one heading in the returns. During 1933 the total number of such offences dealt with by prosecution in Oxford was 73 and there were 42 convictions.


Cannot my right hon. Friend give information showing where there are double prosecutions for dangerous driving and exceeding the speed limit; has he not got those figures?


I am not aware that I have, but I will look into it.


May I be permitted as a regular user of the streets of Oxford to say that this arrangement has worked extremely well, and that on the whole the peril of the ordinary streetfarer in Oxford is slightly less since the chief constable took this step?