HC Deb 26 March 1934 vol 287 cc1628-9
39. Mr. MABANE

asked the Minister of Health if he can indicate the nature of the evidence on which the conclusion is based that the supply of houses to be let at 10s. a week is adequate to the demand?


The evidence to which my hon. Friend refers was given in answer to a question by the hon. Member for East Islington (Miss Cazalet) on 8th February last, and is briefly that, at the present time, local authorities are still engaged in completing subsidised houses while private enterprise is building small houses to let in increasing numbers.


Does the figure of 10s. refer to the rental inclusive of rates, or exclusive of rates?




Is the hon. Gentleman satisfied that sufficient small-rented houses are being built in the big urban districts?


I am never satisfied with anything, but I believe that, as a result of our policy, a greater number of such houses will be built in the next few years than ever before.

The table below gives the information desired for February of each year since 1931, but in view of the changes in the conditions for the receipt of insurance benefit, which came into operation in November, 1931, the figures for February, 1931 are not strictly comparable with those for later years.

Insured persons with claims admitted.
Employment Exchange. 23rd Feb., 1931. 22nd Feb., 1932. 20th Feb., 1933. 19th Feb., 1934.
Standard Benefit. Transitional Benefit. Insurance Benefit. Transitional Payments Insurance Benefit Transitional Payments Insurance Benefit. Transitional Payments.
Maesteg 2,391 812 967 2,880 404 3,145 260 2,559
Ogmore Vale 313 283 395 477 303 554 155 737
Pontycymmer 844 343 782 512 316 944 210 1,040
Aberkenfig 283 342 214 443 188 558 152 585
Bridgend 662 227 504 487 333 692 280 722