HC Deb 19 March 1934 vol 287 cc849-50

asked the Minister of Agriculture if he is aware that the imports of frozen beef, butter, and cheese from the Dominions have largely exceeded previous imports; and what action it is proposed to take in order that these imports may be checked, thus giving the home producer the first preference in the home market?


I am aware that imports of butter, cheese, and beef from Dominion sources were larger in January and February of this year than in the corresponding months of 1933. As regards dairy produce, I would, however, remind my right hon. Friend of the statement on the Government's milk policy which I made on 22nd February, while, as regards beef, as I informed my hon. and gallant Friend the Member for Tiverton (Lieut.-Colonel Acland - Troyte) on Thursday last, the situation will be further considered as soon as I receive the report of the Reorganisation Commission for Fatstock, which is expected shortly.


When these agreements come to an end, may we expect that the home producer will have the first preference in the home market?


Yes, Sir. I think the Dominions have also agreed to that position. It is generally agreed that the home producer should have the first place in the home market.

Duchess of ATHOLL

Is it not the case that the agreement made by the British delegates at Ottawa in regard to restriction of the Dominions' exports of meat referred to 1933 only; and may we know whether similar arrangements, or other suitable arrangements, are being discussed with them for 1934?


It is very difficult for me to go over the agreements at Question Time, but I think it would not be correct to say that they merely run to the end of 1933. There were clauses which covered the first six months of 1934 as well.