HC Deb 19 March 1934 vol 287 cc844-5

The following reports have been received from Finnish Agents regarding the result of the British Week.


Reports from nine local agents give the value of orders placed with British manufacturers immediately after the week as approximately £50,000.

In several cases the agents reported that the value of orders they were able to place subsequent to the week were double and even treble those for the same period in the preceding year.


Orders for over £40,000 worth of chemicals were placed in September largely as a result of the week.


An important firm of hardware importers in Finland have stated that their sales were 25 per cent. higher than the previous year owing to interest aroused by British Week.

Office Machinery and Sundries.

Sales to the value of £1,400 were effected during and subsequent to the week. One agent stated that the value of his orders was double that for the same period of 1932. A British manufacturer of typewriters was able, for the first time, to sell machines in Finland and dispose of upwards of 70.


Increased business has been reported from several sources, one United Kingdom firm in particular having secured contracts for approximately £4,500 which it attributes solely to the week.


A local agent reports that as a result of the week his sales of knitting wools during the last three months of 1933 amounted to £2,700.

Automobiles and Accessories.

British cars and trucks having in the past been almost unknown in Finland the week was solely responsible for the sale of 41 lorries and 8 cars.


Sales were reported to be satisfactory and one firm during and immediately after the week sold hosiery and finishing machines of a type not previously imported from the United Kingdom to a value of over £1,000. Orders for similar machines are in contemplation.


The two largest book stores in Helsingfors state that during the week their sales of English literature increased by more than double. Since the week these stores reported that they have also observed a much larger interest than hitherto in English literature as well as technical and scientific books.

The figures of Finnish foreign trade show that Finland imported from the United Kingdom in January, 1934, goods to the value of 68 million Finnish marks or 23.5 per cent. of total imports as compared with 39.6 million Finnish marks or 18.3 per cent. of total imports in January, 1933.