HC Deb 15 March 1934 vol 287 cc573-4

asked the Minister of Agriculture if he can state the consumption of milk and milk products in terms of liquid milk in 1933 and 1929 respectively; and what percentage was produced in the United Kingdom in each year respectively?


I am circulating in the OFFICIAL REPORT a statement giving the desired information.

Following is the statement:

It is only possible to give United Kingdom figures for liquid milk on an estimate based on 4th June returns for the respective years of numbers of cows, allowing a yield per cow based on the estimate arrived at in the census year 1930–31 (539 gallons per cow per year in England and Wales; 408 gallons per cow per year in Scotland).

The following figures must, therefore, be accepted with certain reservations.

Supplies of Milk and Milk Products in terms of Milk.
1929. 1933.(b)
Home Production. million gallons. million gallons.
England and Wales(c) 1,265 1,368
Scotland (c) 164 171
Northern Ireland (a) 90 90
Total United Kingdom. 1,519 1,629
Imports (net). Milk Equivalent. million gallons. Milk Equivalent. million gallons.
Butter 1,655 2,307
Cheese 326 335
Condensed etc. Milk 104 100
Cream 21 17
Milk 1 1
Total 2,107 2,760
Total Home Production and Imports. 3,626 4,389
Percentage produced in United Kingdom. 41.9 37.1
(a) The numbers of milch cows in 1929 and 1933 were about equal to the average number in 1924–25, and therefore the estimated figures of the 1924–25 census are adopted.
(b) Provisional figures.
(c) Based on the estimated yield per cow in the census year 1930–31.