HC Deb 05 March 1934 vol 286 cc1524-5

asked the Home Secretary whether he has any further statement to make regarding the letter sent to him by the hon. Member for Gillingham (Sir R. Gower) calling his attention to the fact that it is proposed to hold at the White City, London, a world contest rodeo, and pointing out that in connection with this contest rodeo a large number of horses and steers will be employed, and requesting that, having regard to the fact that such exhibitions offend the public sense of decency, he will take the necessary steps to prevent this contest rodeo being held?


My right hon. Friend has no power to prohibit the holding of a performance of this description. As my hon. Friend is no doubt aware, in the event of cruelty occurring in the course of the performance or of the training of the animals for the performance proceedings can be taken under the Protection of Animals Act, 1911, or the Performing Animals (Regulation) Act, 1925, but there is no power under these statutes to take any action in advance. I understand, however, that a large number of the persons whom it is proposed to employ for the purpose of this performance may be aliens, and the question whether they should be allowed to enter this country would, therefore, fall to be dealt with under the provisions of the Aliens Order. My right hon. Friend has been in consultation with the Minister of Labour on this aspect of the matter, and the conclusion has been reached that it would not be a proper exercise of the statutory powers under the Aliens Order to ex- clude persons from this country merely because the object of their visit is to take part in a performance of this kind. If, however, any sufficient reason should arise during the presence of alien participants in the rodeo, my right hon. Friend would be free to require the promoters to remove the aliens either wholly or individually from the country, and he would not hesitate to take such action if in his opinion it should become necessary.

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