HC Deb 18 June 1934 vol 291 c17
13. Mr. TINKER (for Mr. KIRKWOOD)

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland if he is aware of the serious decline in the building of municipal houses in Scotland owing to the refusal of local authorities to build under the 1933 Act because of the inadequate subsidy; and what action is contemplated by the Government in view of the reduction in the number of houses under construction from 23,503 in May, 1933, to 14,681 in April, 1934?


My right hon. Friend is aware that there has been a temporary decrease in the total number of municipal houses under construction in Scotland due to the decrease in the construction of houses other than for slum clearance as a result of the ordinary subsidies having been brought to an end. On the other hand, the number of houses under construction by local authorities for slum clearance purposes is increasing, having reached on the 30th April, 1934, the highest figure on record, namely, 8,857; and it is confidently expected that this figure will shortly be surpassed. With regard to the latter part of the question my right hon. Friend is at present engaged in considering what additional measures are necessary for the provision of further houses to abate overcrowding in Scotland. These measures, it is hoped, will be such as greatly to stimulate the construction of houses for this most important purpose.