HC Deb 04 June 1934 vol 290 cc574-5

asked the Secretary of State for India what reforms in Indian prison administration have been carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the Indian Jails Committee, 1919–20; which of the committee's recommendations have not been acted upon, and the reasons for the rejection of, or delay in acting upon, these recommendations; in particular, how many convict warders were employed in 1920 and how many are now employed; how many Borstal institutions and reformatory schools are available for young offenders under 21; how many full-time probation officers and how many adult and young offenders, respectively, have been placed on probation in British India; and how many offenders under 21 have been sent to prison during the last 12 months for which records are available?


Information showing the progress made in giving effect to the very numerous recommendations of the Committee will be found in the gaol administration reports published annually by the local governments. I have no information beyond what is contained in those reports, but I have asked the Government of India to furnish me with a statement on the subject, including the latest available information on the particular points mentioned in the question.