HC Deb 25 July 1934 vol 292 cc1771-2

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland when this House will be put in possession of the repot of the committee set up to investigate the grievances of the milk producers in the East of Scotland?


My right hon. Friend has now received the report of the Committee of Investigation for Scotland on the complaints made by the East of Scotland Milk Producers' Federation. It is not intended to publish the report, but I am glad to take this early opportunity of communicating to the House a summary of the committee's conclusions. The committee's conclusions are as follow: (1) We are of opinion that it is neither necessary nor desirable in the public interest that as a permanent and integral condition of the scheme level producers should as such receive an additional price per gallon by way of level delivery premium or otherwise. (2) We consider that for a specific limited period some provision should be made by means of an additional payment per gallon or otherwise for alleviating the effects of the scheme on level producers generally in order to enable them if they so wish to adjust their system of dairying to meet, the changed conditions under the scheme. (3) We accordingly propose that it should be suggested to the board and to the federation that they should discuss our finding (2) above with producers in other areas whose interests will suffer to some extent if effect is given to it, and that an endeavour should be made to reach agreement on the subject as regards the method to be adopted, the extent of the additional payment, and the time for which it should be made. (4) We see no objection in the public interest to a continuance of the system whereby the board have contracted for a minimum butter fat content in excess of the legal minimum 3 per cent. (5) On the basis of the evidence before us we do not consider that it is practicable to institute a system of regional prices under the scheme.


Circulate it.


In view of the great importance of the Scottish milk industry perhaps the House will permit me to continue reading this statement.

"The committee defer their final conclusions on the question of haulage charges and also on the question of possible amendments of the scheme pending the outcome of their proposals for negotiations between the board, the federation and producers in other areas."


Is there any discrimination against cows on account of their political creeds?