HC Deb 06 July 1934 vol 291 c2211

A person holding a licence under this Act shall not acquire by reason of the execution by him of any works for the purpose of exercising the rights granted by such licence any right in law to require the owner of any lands or minerals to leave support for any such works otherwise than by agreement or than by obtaining such right of support under section three of this Act.—[Mr. Michael Beaumont.]


I notice that this new Clause is exactly similar to that which was considered when the Bill was in Committee. Therefore, I cannot select it to-day.


On that point, Mr. Speaker, I understood that you had been informed that the Clause was put down again, because new information had been obtained which we desired to give to the Minister. I do not know whether you were informed of that and whether your decision now is in view of that fact?


I was informed that a new Clause had been drawn, but I understood—I may have misunderstood what was said—that there was some difference in it; but this Clause is the same as that which was moved in Committee.