HC Deb 30 January 1934 vol 285 cc182-3

asked the Secretary for Mines the results of representations made to him by Members during the last three years on the question of providing suitable tipping equip- ment at Swansea docks, so as to avoid the breakage of coal and loss of time in shipping coal cargoes?

The SECRETARY for MINES (Mr. Ernest Brown)

The subject of coal shipment and anti-breakage facilities has engaged the constant attention of the Mines Department and of the Ministry of Transport during the past three years. In 1931, following a conference convened by the then Secretary for Mines and the Minister of Transport, committees representative of all the trade interests concerned were set up in the various coal shipping districts to determine what types of anti-breakage appliances would be most effective, and what steps should be taken to secure their installation. Considerable progress has been made in South Wales, particularly at Swansea, where nine anti-breakage appliances have been installed during the last three years. I am informed by the Great Western Railway Company that a further appliance will be fitted to the hoist now under construction at King's Dock, and that the company, in conjunction with the traders, are at present conducting experiments at Swansea with a view to further improving the coal shipment facilities at that port.


Will the hon. Gentleman convey a suggestion to the Great Western Railway Company that they should, in addition to consulting the traders, ask the workmen engaged in this work for practical suggestions for improvement?


I will certainly do that. I should like to call the hon. Member's attention to the fact that there is a South Wales Coal Shipment Advisory Committee, and, if representations are to be made in this subject about a local problem, that is the appropriate body to whom to make them. The hon. Member will remember that I wrote to him some time ago about that.

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