HC Deb 30 January 1934 vol 285 cc189-90
20. Mr. MANDER

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs the present position with regard to the negotiations being carried on by the League of Nations for removing the Assyrians from Iraq and establishing them in some other country?


The committee which the Council of the League of Nations has set up to deal with this problem are at present investigating a scheme for the settlement of any Assyrians who may wish to leave Iraq on land owned by a British company of high standing in the State of Paraná in Southern Brazil. The Brazilian Government have generously offered on certain conditions to accept the whole of the Assyrians in groups of 500 families a month, as and when the company can provide for their settlement. Meanwhile, the committee have thought it essential to assure themselves, by means of a local investigation, that the land proposed is suitable for the purpose, and that the conditions are such as to enable the Assyrians to become a useful element in Brazil. They have entrusted this investigation to Brigadier J. G. Browne, until recently Officer Commanding the Assyrian Levies in Iraq. Brigadier Browne, who will be assisted by a representative of the Nansen Office at Geneva, and by the Counsellor of the Swiss Legation at Rio de Janeiro, left for Brazil on the 27th January.


May I ask whether the Government have come to any decision as to making any financial contribution towards this work, in view of the special responsibility of this country in this matter?


Perhaps my hon. Friend will put that question down.


Is there no possibility of getting the Turks to take them back to their original old home?

Major-General Sir ALFRED KNOX

Is there any chance of Brazil taking all the minority communities in India?