HC Deb 30 January 1934 vol 285 cc195-6

Palestine.—On the 14th July, 1933, the Secretary of State for the Colonies announced that legislation would be introduced to guarantee the principal and interest of a loan of £2,000,000 to be raised by the Government of Palestine for the purpose of capital expenditure on the resettlement of Arabs, agricultural credits and certain public works.

Newfoundland.—Under Section 3 of the Newfoundland Act, 1933, the Treasury may guarantee stock issued by the Government of Newfoundland in exchange for certain existing securities or to raise money for the repayment of other existing securities and for covering expenses incidental to these operations. The total amount of the new Stock thus to be guaranteed is expected (as stated in Command Paper 4481) to be between £17,000,000 and £17,500,000.

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