HC Deb 30 January 1934 vol 285 cc194-5

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer the amounts by way of loan or grant for which the Treasury bas been made responsible since the introduction of the Finance Bill, 1933?


I will, with my right hon. Friend's permission, circulate in the OFFICIAL REPORT the figures for which he asks.

Following are the figures:

Vote. New Commitment.
Class V, Vote 8 Ministry of Labour Unemployment Bill.—The Bill now before the House involves additional expenditure on certain items and savings on others, as set out in the Financial Memorandum attached to the Bill. No additional expenditure will be incurred under the Bill during 1933 and the cost in 1934 will depend on the dates at which the various provisions of the Bill come into force.
Class VI, Vote 8. Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. Bacon Marketing Board.—Supplementary Estimates will be presented to enable a loan of £160,000, repayable within two years, to be made to the Board under Section 2 of the Agricultural Marketing (No. 2) Act 1933.
Class VI, Vote 17
Department of Agriculture, Scotland.
Class VI, Vote 9 Beet Sugar Subsidy, Great Britain. His Majesty's Government have announced their intention to introduce legislation to provide a subsidy on beet sugar for a further year from 1st October, 1934. The cost during the year 1934 is estimated at about £3,000,000.
Class VI, Vote 17 Department of Agriculture, Scotland. Land Settlement.—Legislation is before the House to increase by £75,000 a year for three years the sums to be issued to the Agriculture (Scotland) Fund for the purpose of small holdings in Scotland.