HC Deb 14 February 1934 vol 285 cc1916-7
24. Mr. THORNE (for Mr. GROVES)

asked the Minister of Transport whether he is aware that the railway company is contemplating operating a notice that no vehicle exceeding five tons shall cross Connaught Road bridge, South-West Ham; and whether, in view of the consequent congestion of traffic to and from the docks, and the possibility of a breakdown in the supply of London's food, and seeing that if the proposed restrictions are operated it will not be possible for the West Ham Fire Brigade to answer a call to the other side of the Connaught bridge, he will authorise a scheme of work strengthening this bridge, so that it will carry all presently workable vehicles and thereby ensure London's safety and food?


My information does not agree with that of the hon. Member. I am informed that the bridge in question belongs not to the railway company but to the Port of London Authority, and that they propose to prohibit the use of it by vehicles with an axle load exceeding five and three-quarters tons, which represents a total weight considerably above the five tons mentioned by the hon. Member. I am further informed that the restriction proposed would not prevent the West Ham Fire Brigade vehicles from crossing the bridge. I am, however, communicating with the Port Authority in the matter, and will acquaint the hon. Member with the result.


Will the Minister consider the postponement of the making of an Order under Section 30 of the Road and Rail Traffic Act, 1933, until the highway authorities have had an opportunity of presenting considered schemes for the reconstruction of bridges, as otherwise serious public inconvenience will be caused?


The hon. Member will know that the Section has not yet been brought into operation.

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