HC Deb 13 February 1934 vol 285 c1754
36. Lieut.-Colonel GAULT

asked the hon. and gallant Member for Rye as representing the Forestry Commissioners, whether he can state the number of acres in England, Wales, and Scotland, respectively, which have been denuded of trees since 1914; whether he has any reliable data to show what effect this has had upon the annual rainfall; and what the result has been?

Colonel Sir GEORGE COURTHOPE (Forestry Commissioner)

No definite information is available, but it has been estimated that rather less than 450,000 acres of woodland were cut over during and immediately after the War. On the other hand, the Forestry Commissioners have planted approximately 237,000 acres, while the area of private planting is probably equivalent to current fellings. They have no data to show what effect, if any, the fellings have had upon the annual rainfall.