HC Deb 06 February 1934 vol 285 cc970-3

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury the number of Royal Commissions and committees of inquiry appointed during the last six years; the number and description of such bodies which have not yet reported, and the period which has elapsed since their appointment in each case; and how many commissions and committees, whether of a standing advisory character or for purposes of specific inquiry, have been appointed during the lifetime of the present Government, with the description and date of appointment in each ease?


As the reply is of considerable length, I will with the hon. Member's permission circulate it in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Following is the reply:

The number of Royal Commissions appointed during the last six years is ten, all of which have reported. As regards Committees, I append a Table giving the desired information respecting Committees of Inquiry, as defined in the heading to the Table, which are still sitting. The additional information referred to in the Question is not available in the Treasury, and could not be obtained without a disproportionate expenditure of time and labour.
List of Committees of Inquiry appointed during the last 6 years, which hare not yet finally reported.
This list does not include bodies appointed in pursuance of Statutes, Standing and Advisory Bodies; Parliamentary Committees, nor Departmental Committees composed exclusively of officials.
Name of Commission or Committee. Object of Inquiry (Abridged). Date of Appointment. Department primarily concerned.
Deep Diving Equipment To make recommendations regarding equipment for deep sea diving, etc. January, 1930 Admiralty.
Workmen's Compensation (Industrial Diseases). To inquire as to the inclusion of turpentine poisoning and papillona. November, 1930 Home Office.
Local Government and Public Health Law Consolidation. To consider the grouping of enactments in regard to consolidated legislation. December, 1930 Ministry of Health.
British Industries Fair Site and Buildings. To consider how permanent accommodation for the London Fair could be provided and financed. May, 1931 Department of Overseas Trade.
Garden Cities To make recommendations as to future development. July, 1931 Ministry of Health.
Traffic Signs To make recommendations as to the exercise of the powers of the Minister of Transport. November, 1931 Ministry of Transport.
Legal Education To consider the organisation of Legal Education in England. August, 1932 Lord Chancellor.
Employment of Prisoners To recommend improvements in the methods of emloying prisoners and of assisting them to obtain employment on discharge. September, 1932 (Interim Report November, 1933). Home Office.
State of Business in the Courts. To report whether greater expedition or economy is practicable in the Courts of Law. December, 1932 (Interim Reports February and December, 1933). Lord Chancellor.
Accounting in Certified Schools. To inquire into methods of accounting in schools certified under the Children Act, 1908. November, 1932 Home Office.
Trade Marks To report as to the desirability of changes in the law. January, 1933 Board of Trade.
Overwinding in Mine Shafts To inquire into precautions against overwinding. February, 1933 Mines Department.
Imprisonment for Dept To consider the possibility of reducing the number of imprisonments for debt. June, 1933 Home Office.
Scottish Health Services To review health policy and organisation in Scotland. June, 1933 Department of Health (Scotland).
Overseas Students To consider what steps should be taken to encourage students to come to the United Kingdom for education. July, 1933 Department of Overseas Trade. Board of Education.
Private Flying To inquire into the Air Navigation Regulations relating to private flying. July, 1933 Air Ministry.
Local Authorities' Buildings. To inquire into the cost of construction and maintenance of local authorities' buildings. July, 1933 Ministry of Health.
Name of Commission or Committee. Object of Inquiry (Abridged). Date of Appointment. Department primarily concerned.
Food Standards To inquire into the law relating to the composition and description of articles of food. Appointed May, 1931. Re-appointed July, 1933. Ministry of Health.
Valuation of Sheep Stocks (Scotland). To inquire into the methods of valuing sheep stocks in Scotland on the termination of a tenancy. November, 1933 Department of Agriculture (Scotland).
Supply of Barley for Distilleries (Scotland). To consider the question of the supply of Scottish Barley for the use of distilleries. December, 1933 Department of Agriculture (Scotland).
Firearms To consider the law relating to the definition and classification of firearms and ammunition. February, 1934 Home Office.
Factory Abattoirs To consider the technical requirements of factory abattoirs. December, 1933 Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.