HC Deb 12 December 1934 vol 296 cc359-60

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether he is in a position to make a statement as to the boarding of the British liner "Almeda Star" by the Buenos Ayres police authorities on Thursday, 6th December, when the purser was compelled to hand over sacks of private mail for examination which contained confidential correspondence of the Anglo-Argentine Cold Storage and Produce Company?


According to a report which I have received from His Majesty's Ambassador at Buenos Ayres, the Steamship "Almeda Star" was searched in Buenos Ayres harbour on the 6th December, at the moment of sailing, by representatives of the Argentine Post Office Customs and port police. Three bags containing unstamped private correspondence, shipping papers and routine documents belonging to the Anglo-Argentine Cold Storage and Produce Company were removed for examination, and the departure of the vessel was delayed for about an hour. I am informed that the bags, which were removed, were returned on the next day to the company with all their contents.