HC Deb 10 December 1934 vol 296 cc12-3

asked the President of the Board of Trade which of the countries referred to in the schedule to the Bacon Importing Order have exceeded their quotas for the first 11 months of this year and by what amounts, respectively; and what amount, in consequence of these excesses, is still due to Denmark or any other importing country which has not exceeded her quota, by reason of any treaty commitment which enables them to import into this country a definite percentage of the actual total imports of bacon?


I will circulate in the OFFICIAL REPORT a statement of the excesses and deficiencies in shipments of bacon, hams, etc., from countries scheduled to the Bacon (Import Regulation) Order, 1934. The first 11 months of this year included portions of two quota periods, i.e., 10th November, 1933, to 28th February, 1934, and 1st March to 31st December, 1934, and figures have accordingly been given for both periods. With regard to the second part of the question, countries which have exceeded their allocations will be required to offset their excess shipments, and so far as those excesses are concerned, the question of an additional allocation to Denmark does not arise. Denmark is the only country entitled to a definite percentage of the total foreign imports of bacon into this country. There is a considerable amount due to her in respect of the period between the conclusion of the Trade Agreement and the making of the order, and in respect of shipments from unregulated countries. The exact amount cannot be stated till the figures for the current year are complete, but it is probably of the order of 250,000 cwt.

Following is the statement:

Country. 10th Nov., 1933 to 28th Feb., 1934 1st Mar., 1934, to 20th Nov., 1934.
Denmark + 9,306 + 170,864
Estonia + 566 - 2,337
Finland + 1,772 - 945
Latvia + 1,411 + 6,689
Lithuania + 13,324 + 21,223
Netherlands + 67 + 13,747
Poland + 3,055 + 1,023
Sweden - 1,281 - 298
U.S.A. + 3,730 + 18,988
U.S.S.R. - 1,135 + 1,342
Argentina + 2,763 - 374
+ 33,577 + 229,922
(a) Subject to a deduction in respect of re-exports during November, 1934.

Note.— + Excesses. - Under shipments.

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