HC Deb 17 April 1934 vol 288 c937

Resolved, That it is expedient to amend the Import Duties Act, 1932, and the enactments amending that Act in the following (among other) particulars—

  1. (a) the Treasury shall have power, on the recommendation of the Import Duties Advisory Committee,—
    1. (i) to order that, as soon as any class or description of goods becomes chargeable with the general ad valorem duty by virtue of an order made under Section seven of the Finance Act, 1932, an additional duty shall be charged in respect thereof under Section three of the Import Duties Act, 1932; and
    2. (ii) to revoke any scheme for the allowance of drawback made under Section nine of the Finance Act, 1932:
  2. (b) proviso (a) to Sub-section (5) of Section nineteen of the Import Duties Act, 1932 (which provides that orders made under Section one of that Act may not be varied or revoked) shall cease to have effect."

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