HC Deb 12 April 1934 vol 288 cc472-3
26 and 27. Sir WILLIAM JENKINS

asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Board of Education (1) what was the number of blind children of school age in England and Wales, separately, in 1920, 1930, 1931, 1932, and 1933, giving the number having elementary training and the number having secondary school training;

(2) if he will state what number of deaf and dumb children of school age there are in England and what number in Wales, separately; what number of schools and where situated; what number under local education authorities and what number under voluntary associations; and what is the grant paid and the average attendance for 1920, 1930, 1931, 1932, and 1933?


As the replies to these questions involve a large amount of detail, I am sending the hon. Member the information for which he asks.


Will the replies be included in the answers in the OFFICIAL REPORT?


They are at very great length and too voluminous. I will send them to the hon. Member.

The preparation of a complete statement containing the information required would involve the expenditure of a disproportionate amount of time and labour. The following table gives a summary, by types of local education authority, of the periods during which school meals are provided in the different areas.

Days per week on which meals are provided. Number of Local Education Authorities.
Counties. Non-County Boroughs. Urban Districts. County Boroughs.
7 days and holidays 2 4
7 days. Not holidays 1
6 days and holidays 1 9 7 18
6 days. Not holidays 1
5 days and holidays 4 13 8 21
5 days. Not holidays 8 23 8 16
5 days a week* 3 8 2 8
Miscellaneous cases† 3 1 5
* In these areas it appears that feeding is not continued during the holidays, but the Board have no definite information.
† These include one County Borough where breakfasts are provided on five a week and holidays, and dinners on six days a week days holidays, In the remaining eight areas milk is given on five days a week and not in holiday periods, but other meals are provided in those areas as follows: