HC Deb 28 November 1933 vol 283 cc671-2

asked the President of the Board of Trade what proportion of the 3,760 tons of nickel exported from this country during the first nine months of 1933 have gone to Germany, France and Russia, respectively; and whether any steps are being taken to ensure that nickel and other material exported is not being used by Germany for purposes of re-armament?


The domestic exports of unwrought nickel in pellets, cubes, etc. from the United Kingdom registered during the first nine months of 1933 as consigned to Germany, France and the Soviet Union amounted to 1,045 tons, 397 tons and 523 tons, respectively. I am informed that there has recently been a large consumption of nickel in Germany for coinage and I have no information to indicate that the nickel exported to Germany is being used for purposes of rearmament.


Are there no means of making inquiry in Germany which will satisfy apprehensions as to the destiny of these large exports of nickel?


We have made the necessary inquiries, and I have stated the result in the answer which I have just given.