HC Deb 19 May 1933 vol 278 cc675-734

As amended (in the Standing Committee,) considered.

12.12 p.m.


On a point of Order. May I ask for your direction, Mr. Speaker? I handed in a manuscript Amendment this morning, but I understand that it is out of Order. May I ask for your direction as to where the mistake arose? The manuscript Amendment suggested that three lines at the foot of page 1 of the Bill should be eliminated. In the previous paragraph the Bill would enable municipalities to take unto them-selves the power of the 1879 Act and I want to ask your direction as to whether it is not in order that I should raise a point relative to the Act of 1875.


I understand that if the hon. Gentleman's Amendment were adopted it would, by leaving out the last two lines of paragraph (b) of Clause 1, conflict with the provisions of the previous paragraph, and in consequence it would not be in Order.


Yes, Sir. That is just the point upon which I wanted your guidance as to how it conflicts. I maintain that under private Bills, Orders are in operation at the present moment under the Acts of 1879 and 1875, and, therefore, I suggest that the Amendment is in Order.


I have said that the hon. Member's Amendment, in the place in which he proposes to move it, would conflict with what is in the previous paragraph. The effect of his Amendment being adopted would make nonsense of the Bill.


Thank you, Sir. I will raise the point on the Third Reading.

  1. CLAUSE 1.—(Power of borough council to vary existing provisions as to audit.) 17,323 words, 1 division
  2. c719
  3. CLAUSE 2.—(Inspection and copies of reports.) 55 words
  4. cc720-34
  5. SCHEDULE.—(Alternative Provisions which may be adopted as to auditors.) 4,971 words, 1 division