HC Deb 15 May 1933 vol 278 cc10-1
17. Major HILLS

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs who is responsible, Since the conclusion of the Anglo-Iraq Treaty of 1930 and annexe, for maintaining internal order in Iraq; whether any British forces have been used during the last two years in internal operations against the Kurds; and under what circumstances and by whose authority can such operations now be conducted?


The Anglo-Iraq Treaty of 1930 came into operation only on the entry of Iraq into the League of Nations on the 3rd October, 1932. Under the treaty responsibility for the maintenance of internal order in Iraq now rests with the Iraqi Government alone. British forces have not been engaged in any operations in Iraq Since June, 1932, when units of the Royal Air Force cooperated with the Iraqi army to restore order in a part of Iraqi Kurdistan. Under the treaty any similar operations in future are to be undertaken by Iraqi forces acting under the authority of the Iraqi Government.


Will the right hon. Gentleman kindly repeat the date? Some of us thought that he referred to June, 1933.


I mentioned the Anglo-Iraq Agreement of 1930, which came into operation in 1932. British forces have not been engaged in any operations Since June, 1932.