HC Deb 30 March 1933 vol 276 cc1186-8

May I ask the Prime Minister what the business for next week will be, and whether he will be able to tell us to-day when the Easter Recess will take place; and also when he can give us time for the Motion on the Paper in the name of some of my colleagues and myself— That this House regrets that, instead of making the burden of unemployment a national charge, His Majesty's Government have driven large numbers of able-bodied unemployed persons to seek the aid of the Poor Law, thereby exhausting the resources of an ever-increasing number of local authorities.


The business for next week will be:

Monday: Remaining stages of the Army and Air Force (Annual) Bill; and Committee stage of the Rent and Mortgage Interest Restrictions (Amendment) Bill.

Tuesday: Consideration of a Motion for an Address to His Majesty for the erection of a memorial tablet in Westminster Abbey to the memory of the late Earl of Oxford and Asquith; and completion of the Committee stage of the Rent and Mortgage Interest Restrictions (Amendment) Bill.

Wednesday: Report and Third Reading of the Financial Provisions (Scotland) Bill.

Thursday: It is proposed to move Mr. Speaker out of the Chair on going into Committee of Supply on the Civil Estimates and Estimates for the Revenue Departments.

On any day if there is time other Orders may be taken. Private Members' Bills will be taken on Friday.

As regards the Easter Adjournment, we are working for a programme at present which will enable the House to rise on Thursday, 13th April, and we propose that the House shall meet again on Tuesday, 25th April. As regards the Motion which is down in the names of the Leader of the Opposition and some of his colleagues, I would point out that the Government have very important business to proceed with before the Easter Adjournment, and I am not in a position to name a date for a discussion of the subject of the Motion. In any event, I think it better that conversations should take place with my right hon. Friend the Patronage Secretary through the usual channels regarding this Motion.


I gather that the last answer of the Prime Minister means that we should negotiate with the Patronage Secretary on the subject. May I ask whether any particular Votes in the Civil Estimates, and the Estimates for the Revenue Departments will be put down for discussion? Will the Government put down certain Votes, as is sometimes done, to be taken on that date, and can he tell us now which they will be?


Certain variations are proposed, and, if my right hon. Friend will confer with the Patronage Secretary, I shall be very much obliged.


Will these Votes be put on the Paper?


Whatever is arranged will be put on the Paper.


Can the right hon. Gentleman tell us when the Budget will be taken?


Can the Prime Minister tell us now or will be he in a position to tell us before the Easter Recess when we shall see the Government proposals on Unemployment Insurance?


I am afraid that I am not in that position at the present time. An announcement was made during my absence relating to the manner in which the matter would be dealt with when the existing law comes to an end at the end of June.


Will the Prime Minister make it quite clear whether it is still the intention of the Government to take the Budget on the 25th April?


That was announced some weeks ago. The 25th April will be Budget day.

Ordered, That the Proceedings on the Rent and Mortgage Interest Restrictions (Amendment) Bill have precedence this day of the Business of Supply."—[The Prime Minister.]